FMLA and Leave of Absence

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

What is FMLA?

The family and Medical Leave Act is a United States Federal Law requiring covered employers to provide employees with job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons.

FMLA is designed to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities by allowing them to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons. It also seeks to accommodate the legitimate interests of employers and promote equal employment opportunity for men and women.


Requires an employee seeking FMLA protections because of a need for leave due to a serious health condition or to case for a covered family member; child, spouse or parent with a serious health condition to submit a medical certification issued by the healthcare provider. You may also use FMLA for the birth of a child and adoption.
If you will be out of work for 5 days or longer for any of the above, you must complete the FMLA paperwork.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has been employed for at least twelve (12 months by the school system and who has at least 1250 hours of service during the previous twelve-month period.

The Process

Typically FMLA paperwork should be completed 30 days prior to your leave. We understand this is not always the case, so if you have been out at least 5 days or more, scheduled a surgery, or you have received a delivery date, FMLA paperwork should be obtained and submitted to your physician to be completed. Once you have obtained FMLA paperwork, you will need to schedule an appointment with Kathleen Hunsicker. During this meeting, you will discuss when FMLA will start, how many sick days and personal days you left to use during your time off, how many weeks are allotted, how to request interims or substitutes, etc. I will provide a letter explaining your leave and a breakdown of insurance premiums if you are in unpaid leave. There will also be a form giving you the opportunity to continue or suspend your insurance.

Upon your return from FMLA leave, you must provide Kathleen Hunsicker with a release from your physician.

If you decided to suspend your insurance, you will need to re-enroll 30 days prior to returning.

Parental Leave
(Download the 2023-2024 MCS Guide to Parental Leave)