Special Education

Murfreesboro City Schools provides individual educational programs for students meeting the state criteria for special education. Resource classes and speech services are located in all schools. Comprehensive Development classes are located at Reeves-Rogers, Scales, Erma Siegel and Northfield Elementary.

Additional staff include: speech-language therapists, school psychologists, vision teacher, deaf educator, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and social worker. Other specialists are contracted as needed.

All students are served in the least restrictive environment and are served based on their individual needs.

Students with special needs may begin receiving services from MCS on their 3rd birthday. Children from birth to three, with special needs, may be served through Tennessee’s Early Intervention System (TEIS) (click this link to learn more). Tennessee’s Early Intervention System is a voluntary educational program for families with children birth through age two with disabilities or developmental delays.

All special education services are provided at no charge.

Murfreesboro City Schools Child Find
Parents who suspect their child requires an evaluation to determine eligibility for Special Education services should contact the principal at the student’s home school or the Special Education Supervisor at 615/893-2313 or specialed@cityschools.net.


If you are the parent of a preschool child between the ages of 3 – 5 and you have concerns about an area of your child’s development, you are encouraged to call to schedule a preschool screening for your child. Screening will include the areas of vision, hearing, fine motor, gross motor, speech/language, and cognitive functioning as needed.
Call 893-2313 Ext. 10060 for an appointment

Child Advocacy Group Contact Information

For more information regarding the Child Advocacy Group, please call 1-888-212-3162 or Murfreesboro City Schools at 615-893-2313.

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