Bus Rules

  1. For each child’s safety, no one can board a bus except students assigned to that bus, school personnel, and/or law enforcement.
  2. Transportation services are provided to and from the nearest bus stop to the child’s home address. Transportation uses the address listed on the registration card at the child’s school.
  3. Be at the bus stop on time. On time is 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their child/children at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon.
  4. Stay 10 feet away from the bus at all times except for entering or exiting. Never reach or crawl under any part of the bus. Tell the driver if any items go under the bus.
  5. DO NOT cross the road until the driver signals that it is safe to do so. When exiting, students should never walk behind the bus. Students should be careful when approaching the bus stop and should walk on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.
  6. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to get on board. Before you exit the bus, remain seated until the bus comes to complete stop and the doors open on the bus.
  7. Children will have assigned seats at all times.
  8. Children must observe the same behavior on the bus as they do in the classroom.
  9. While children are being transported, they must remain seated and facing forward. With-in reason, hands, arms, legs and feet must remain within and behind the seat at all times.
  10. Children must be silent when the bus is backing up, when the bus is going over railroad tracks, during an emergency, severe weather, bus evacuations, bus accident, bus breakdown, or when instructed to do so by the driver or assistant.
  11. Don’t touch the emergency door, exit controls, or any other safety equipment on the bus unless directed to do so by the bus driver or assistant.
  12. Do not throw anything inside the bus or out of the bus windows at any time.
  13. Fighting, pushing, tripping, kicking, bullying or harassment etc. will not be tolerated on the bus. This first offense of this violation may result in a 3-day suspension. Continued violations may result in three added days (the second violation may result in a 6-day suspension).
  14. No loud or inappropriate speech, swearing or shouting in the bus or out the windows will be allowed. Rude and abusive language will not be tolerated. Always use inside voices and keep voice levels within reasonable limits.
  15. All carry-ons, including backpacks, musical instruments and school projects, must be able to fit in the child’s lap. The parent/guardian must transport any items that don’t meet these criteria. As a general rule, children should have no more than two items to transport on the bus.
  16. All cell-phones, electronic devices and toys (including Pokémon & playing cards) must be kept in backpacks at all times. Items will be taken and given to the school administrator if they are found outside of a child’s book bag while on the bus.
  17. Backpacks should remain closed while children are being transported. Pencils and all school supplies should remain in backpacks at all times. Children may read books but homework must be done at home.
  18. Glass or other breakable items, flower arrangements, and balloons/balloon bouquets are prohibited.
  19. Weapons, laser pointers, explosive devices, harmful drugs, or chemicals are also prohibited on the bus.
  20. Live insects, reptiles, or other animals are prohibited from the bus.
  21. Food, drinks, chewing gum, tobacco (any form), and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the bus.
  22. No perfumes, colognes, lotions, fingernail polish or irritants shall be permitted on bus.
  23. Parents/guardians of kindergarten children must be waiting at the BUS STOP in the afternoon. If no parent/guardian is clearly visible, the child will be taken back to school. If a child is taken back to school 5 times, bus service may be taken away from that family.
  24. Parents/guardians of children riding a special education bus due to their I.E.P. must be waiting at the BUS STOP in the afternoon. If no parent/guardian is clearly visible, the child will be taken back to school.
  25. According to Administrative Directive 142, no child will be allowed to ride home with another child without written permission from the parent, which must be given to office personnel before 10:00 am that day. (If the request is for a child who doesn’t typically ride the bus, the parent must complete a Special Request for Transportation form, which is located in the school’s office.) Office personnel will contact the Transportation Department to see if room is available. If approved, the driver will be provided with a copy of the request form.
  26. If a student damages any part of a bus, the student’s parents may be financially responsible.
  27. Bus Disciplinary Report Forms will be filled out by the driver and/or assistant and submitted after the child has been appropriately notified. The progressive disciplinary outline is clearly noted and will be followed. Copies of the student’s disciplinary notices are kept on file and offense numbers are recorded to insure proper discipline is provided.