Preschool Assessment

Murfreesboro City Schools provides individual educational programs for students meeting the state criteria for special education. Students with special needs who meet criteria, are able to begin receiving services through the school system on their third birthday. The Murfreesboro City Schools’ Preschool Assessment Team is comprised of a School Psychologist, Speech/Language Pathologist, and a School Social Worker. Referrals for the special education pre-K program come from a variety of places including pediatrician’s offices, community agencies, Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS), as well as parent referrals. If at any time, you have a concern regarding the development of a child between the ages of three and five, please contact School Social Worker Kelly Blanchard to schedule an evaluation at (615) 893-2313. The evaluations take place at Northfield Elementary and usually last about 1 hour. The School Psychologist, Speech/Language Pathologist and School Social Worker will administer testing measures as well as gather developmental history and behavioral history by interviewing parent(s) or guardian(s). After the evaluation, the team will meet again within 60 days of evaluation to discuss testing results, eligibility for services and what the student’s individualized educational program will be.

Preschool Assessment Team

School Psychologist: Kelley Heflin
Speech/Language Pathologist: Lynn Hood
School Social Worker: Kelly Blanchard