Staff Wellness

Murfreesboro City Schools and Coordinated School Health are committed to enhancing the opportunities available to staff in the areas of health and wellness. Health promotion for staff includes activities such as fitness assessments, health education, incentive-based programs, and health-related fitness activities. Staff wellness can lower employee absenteeism, reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and boost staff morale.

MCS and CSH believe those who make a personal commitment to live a healthier lifestyle become a positive role model for students, families, and our community.

If you have any suggestions on wellness opportunities, please contact your Coordinated School Health Office by phone or email.

Fit for Success

FFS photo

Fit for Success is a program offered through the partnership of Murfreesboro City Schools and Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation. The goal is to provide MCS staff with the tools to obtain and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Through Fit for Success you will have access to Sports*Com and Patterson Park facilities to utilize the following: Tracks, cardio machines, weight room/equipment, group exercise classes, basketball/racquetball, swimming pools, and more!

*This partnership is considered a taxable benefit to all full-time MCS employees. You will be taxed on this benefit based on your IRS tax filing.

For more information click the links below or contact Renee Garl at

(Download the Fit for Success Information Flyer)

(Download the Fit For Success Registration Form)