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Healthy Children Learn Better

Murfreesboro City Schools Office of Coordinated School Health is dedicated to improving the overall health of our students to make sure that our children are healthy and ready to learn.  Murfreesboro City Schools’ mission statement is to assure academic and personal success for each child.  The Coordinated School Health model helps us to break down barriers to learning that children might have and to promote healthy habits for a lifetime!  We hope you enjoy the links and information listed on our site.

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Tennessee’s Coordinated School Health Initiative 

The Tennessee Department of Education works in collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement Coordinated School Health (CSH) in Tennessee.  Based upon passage of The Coordinated School Health Improvement Act of 1999, Chapter 554 and the subsequent 2006 Public Chapter 1001, CSH was created and funded with state budget dollars to implement CSH to all school systems in Tennessee.  Funds support the development of a local infrastructure to promote health and wellness for all students and staff and thereby decrease barriers that prevent students from achieving their full academic potential.  For additional information visit The Department of Education Coordinated School Health website.