Title I Parent Rights and Notifications

Parents of children attending public schools are given certain rights under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Each school is obligated to inform parents of these rights. It is your right as a parent to request information regarding the qualifications of the staff that instructs your child. Parents also have the right to ask for detailed system report cards on student achievement which will include student achievement information from your child’s school.

For more information on either of these rights, contact the MCS Office of Federal Programs.

Parents and caregivers receive a Parent Handbook for Murfreesboro City Schools at the beginning of each school year. Please review the handbook for more information about our school system. Also, your child is attending a school supported by Federal Title I funds. At the beginning of the school year you should receive a copy of your school’s Parent Involvement Policy and Compact. You should receive those documents when your school conducts their annual Title I meeting, which may occur in August or September each year.