Retirement Information and TCRS

Retirement Contact Information

Members may call RetireReadyTN at 800-922-7772 for information regarding their plan, to ask about creditable service, request a benefit estimate, or request an in-person comprehensive retirement planning meeting. TCRS members (employees) may receive information regarding their TCRS plan, and members enrolled in the State Deferred Compensation plan (Empower), may also receive information on their Deferred Compensation plan.

Members may view information available at the new website:

Members Annual Statements

TCRS Members may access their Member Annual Statement at If the members have questions regarding their statement, they may contact TCRS at 800-922-7772.


The best place to begin your retirement journey is by looking at our version of the retirement handbook-

The ideal first step in the retirement process is to have an estimate calculated. General estimates are printed on your annual statement. However, if you would like a more detailed estimate you can request one from TCRS or mail in a request form:

Once you have chosen a date and have a payment plan in mind, we suggest you file your paperwork approximately 60-90 days in advance. This will ensure TCRS has adequate time to calculate your benefit and get any additional information TCRS will need.

TCRS Retirement Planning Checklist

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