Gifted Academy 2023 Graduates

Twenty-five teachers from Murfreesboro City Schools (MCS) received their Tennessee Employment Standard for Gifted Teaching on March 4 after completing the Middle Tennessee State University/Murfreesboro City Schools Gifted Academy. Since its inception in 2015, over 200 teachers have graduated from the academy.

The Gifted Academy, sponsored by The Jennings and Rebecca Jones Foundation, MTSU and MCS, aims to expand gifted education programs by equipping teachers with tools to identify and engage gifted students.

The 2022-23 Gifted Academy Cohort Graduates are: Caitlin Anderson, Christy Argo, Shelby Bramblett, Raeven Brooks, Deborah Collier, Landon Cable, Emily Cone, Hannelore Dickerson, Kyndal Dossett, Taylor Draper, Brittney England, Jillian Fuller, Debra Gadient-Kaiser,, Kenda Gatewood, Francesca Graffeo, Brianna Kucker, Shannon Linell, Michelle Lloyd, Kristin McCollins, Danielle McCrary, Jacqueline Milligan, Kimberly Penrose, Isormari Pozo, Nell Simpson, Rebekah Tate, Jenae Todd, as well as Selena Abel, Anna D’Herde, and Meredith McKnight from MTCS.

“The MCS Gifted Academy plays a crucial role in helping ensure all students receive daily instruction designed to meet their individual needs,” says Dr. Trey Duke, Director of Schools. “The knowledge gained through the gifted academy not only provides additional instructional strategies for teachers, but it also helps ensure we are identifying students with characteristics of giftedness early.”

Gifted Academy allows classroom teachers to participate in professional development to learn additional approaches of delivering instruction to address the unique needs of advanced students. Additionally, MCS has Gifted Specialists working in the schools with teachers and parents to assure that gifted and talented students are connecting to thought-provoking learning experiences.